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February 12,
Hosts-The Szewcs, The Foggs, Pat MacInnis, and Ann Merrett
Emcee-Sandy Hoffer
Music-Terry Gerardot and Tony Willemson
Web Liaison-Kathy Piehl
Reporter- Gloria Musin-Sheets 729-7828
The wife of Jim Brockschmidt passed away suddenly this week in Michigan at age 49 while he was in Leisure Lake. Our sincere condolences to Jim. His address is on the board.
Annette Roseberry’s sister passed this week also in Maine.  Our sympathy to Annette.
We had a moment of silence for these dear ones.
Dennis Roberts’ adventure continues. The surgery to repair a broken ankle was not a success and he had to have his lower leg amputated.
He is in wonderful spirit, planning for a prosthesis . He and Ruth wish they were here as it was snowing with 7″ inches already on the ground when I talked to him.They hope to be here in April. Atta Boy, Dennis!
Carol Carpentier has a cardiologist appointment on Tues, followed by the dermatologist who will remove two troublesome places, one on each arm! Poor Baby!
Thank you for your prayers, acts of kindness and cards etc to our Friends and Neighbors during stressful times. It means sooo much.
    Sunday evening Harriet Feenstra was transported to the hospital. Her daughter is now here. That’s all we know at press time! Please pray!
Thank you,



January 28

Hosts- The Dan Sagers, The Paul Shultzes, Ed Kramlinger
Emcee-Sandy Hoffer
Prayer-Ken Poll
Web Liaison-Kathy Piehl
Reporter-Gloria Musin-Sheets  941-729-7828
Our dear friend and neighbor Jack Way passed away  quietly at homeThursday of last week, the 18th.  He was a lovely man and will be missed!  Our sympathy to the family.  We had a moment of silence in his memory.
Obit on Skyway Funerals, Palmetto.Nancy went to the hospital Sunday evening with pneumonia and came home on Thursday doing much better .  Her sister Laura is with her .
Grant (Reigger) had bypass surgery last week and is now home doing well.
Bill Newby was dizzy while riding his bike, fell and bumped his head.  He went to the hospital and came home with a pacemaker and is doing very well.
Simon Bruin is in Canada to get a pacemaker.
Dennis Roberts is in a Rehab Center until his ankle is healed.
Betty Phillis , Helen Stacey’s sister, passed away this week. She was 94 and had a smile that lit up the room! Our sympathy to the  Staceys.
The ambulance took Joan Aguiar to the hospital due to an allergic reaction. She is home and doing very well.
Thank you for the cards, prayers and deeds of kindness shown to each other! YOU are the Sunshine of Leisure Lake!
Please let me know about events so that I can share them with you (or I may have to sing!)
Next Saturday is the Trash and Treasure Sale so there will be no Sunshine report until the following week! Ya’ll come!
Thank you.




January 18

We regret to announce that Jack Way, beloved husband of Nancy, passed away this morning, 1/18, at home. Nancy’s sister is with her . Services to be announced and we will let you know when we do. Please pray for the family. He was a sweet man and will be missed.

January 13

Hosts- Ed Kramlinger, The Shultzes, The Dan Sagers,    Emcee- Sandy Hoffer
Prayer- Louis Agee,  Web Liaison- Kathy Piehl
Reporter- Gloria Musin-Sheets 941-729-7828

Tom Bos is doing very well after Arthroscopic Surgery last week. Atta boy!

Mary Bender has left us to begin a new chapter in her life traveling before settling in Indiana near her children We will sorely miss her!
God bless you, Mary!

Charlie McConnell is undergoing treatment for his back. Keep smiling , Charlie!

AND- TA-DA! Louis Agee is back for a week to re-charge his Florida Batteries! And he has news of his upcoming marriage to a
lovely Missouri Lady , Paula ! Date yet to be announced! Congratulations, Louis and Paula! We bless you and wish you the best!

Please remember these folks with cards, prayers and deeds of kindness! It means so much! Also PULEEZE call me with info or
I will have to resort to singing again! Thank you all!


January 6