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 March 20

The Sunshine Reporter is pleased to announce that Mary Jacobovic has been
declared cancer free!  She has  valiantly endured faithfully for a long time,  and God has been gracious!  We rejoice with Mary and George at this wonderful news!
March 21

Mary Lou Wilkins address is 2105 Raybrook Street SE   Grand Rapids, MI 49546.   Her granddaughter’s husband passed away suddenly. His funeral is today.  Our deepest sympathy for the family.

March 13

Updates on the  Hawkins and Gaye Robinson
There will be no public service, but late summer her cremains will be interred at Skyway Memorial Gardens. Our deepest sympathy go to Clay and Gaye’s family.

She was a beautiful lady and well loved by all who knew her.


Winston and Norma Hawkins

Our dear former neighbors Norma and Winston Hawkins have a new address. Winston is a Past President of Leisure Lake Co-op. They were also King and Queen. Their new address is:
Norma and Winston Hawkins
Creamery Brook Village
36 Vina Lane
Apt. 312
Brooklyn , CT 06234
They would love to hear from you.
They send regards to us all and say they miss us. God Bless them!
Early this morning, former resident of 91 Lakeview Drive,.  Gaye Robinson  passed away.Gaye is the wife of Clay.  Gaye was a beautiful lady that was a whizz in the kitchen. More details when available.

March 10

Gloria Musin <>
Sat 3/10/2018, 5:35 PM
March 10,2018
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Ken Bryant had surgery in Canada last week. Better than expected! Yay!
Judy Posma fell and broke her jaw which is now wired. She seems to be doing well. Poor Baby!
Sue Phillips and Maudie Ritt are receiving treatment for their back problems. Charlie McConnel’s back is doing better, thank God!
Bea Olmsted will have hand surgery on the 15th..
Next week is pancake breakfast! Ya’ll come hungary!!
Please let me know any news….Or I have a list of songs picked out!
We need to know so we can pray, send cards, encourage each other. Thanks!
Gloria-941-729-7828    New e-mail address
  March 3, 2018
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Sad news. Former resident Jean Daley passed away last weekend. Our sympathy to her family and friends.
Gay Robinson, former resident broke her ankle and is in the hospital recovering from Pneumonia. She is doing better.
Former neighbor Dean Bishop has had surgery and is doing well.
Ken Bryant had gallbladder surgery yesterday(Friday) . No update as yet.
Please remember these dear Friends and neighbors.
Thank you for all you do. You are the Sunshine with your prayers, cards, calls and acts of kindness!
But “I can’t tell you if you don’t tell me”!  In one way, it is good to have little to share because that means folks are WELL! Which is a good thing! Or I’ll  just sing!
Gloria 941-729-7828


February  24

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Our Harriet Feenstra had a visit to the hospital last week but is doing fine now! Atta Girl! She sends great appreciation to you for the help, prayers, cards and deeds of kindness!
Kathy Montieth , Janet Adler and Natalie Arnold are recovering from the flu. We are glad they are on the mend!
Ron Harmon went north to be with his brother who passed away just after Ron arrived. Our sincere sympathy goes to Ron and his family.
In the back department we have Maudie Ritt and Charlie McConnell who are being treated. Blessings!
Dale Alderton was in the hospital but is now home with his sweet Nurse-wife Betty!
PLEASE call me with news I can share at Coffee Hour…..or I will have to sing again….OH NOOOOOOO!
Thanks to all for the encouragements and cards and prayers for our dear neighbors. That is what makes Leisure Lake so wonderful. After all, we are family!
Thank you.
February 12,
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The wife of Jim Brockschmidt passed away suddenly this week in Michigan at age 49 while he was in Leisure Lake. Our sincere condolences to Jim. His address is on the board.
Annette Roseberry’s sister passed this week also in Maine.  Our sympathy to Annette.
We had a moment of silence for these dear ones.
Dennis Roberts’ adventure continues. The surgery to repair a broken ankle was not a success and he had to have his lower leg amputated.
He is in wonderful spirit, planning for a prosthesis . He and Ruth wish they were here as it was snowing with 7″ inches already on the ground when I talked to him.They hope to be here in April. Atta Boy, Dennis!
Carol Carpentier has a cardiologist appointment on Tues, followed by the dermatologist who will remove two troublesome places, one on each arm! Poor Baby!
Thank you for your prayers, acts of kindness and cards etc to our Friends and Neighbors during stressful times. It means sooo much.
    Sunday evening Harriet Feenstra was transported to the hospital. Her daughter is now here. That’s all we know at press time! Please pray!
Thank you,