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Sunshine Report 8/11/18

Host-Bob Olmstead

Emcee-Joan Aguiar

Prayer-Roy Glosser

Web Liaison-Kirk Mason

Reporter-Gloria Musin 

We received a thank you from Wayne Fairman for the thoughts, prayers and cards when his sister Freda passed. 

Charlie McConnell has a GP appointment Monday, an eye procedure Tuesday and a follow up with a surgeon on Thursday. Please pray it’s not canceled. 

Marlene Ecker will have a PET scan on Thursday. 

Genny Swecz’s brother passed away. Our sympathy and prayers go to the family. 

Send me info so I can share with you! Blessings, Gloria


Sunshine Report August 4, 2018

Hosts- The Glossers

Emcee- Bob Olmstead

Prayer- Roy Glosser

Strolling Mic- Carol Carpentier

Web Liaison- Kirk Mason

Reporter- Gloria Musin

Our friend and neighbor Violet Glazier of Lakeview Drive, passed away on Wednesday, August 1. Our sympathy goes to the family. They have requested prayers . We had a moment of silence in her memory. Address for the Glazier Family is PO Box 489, Blenheim, Ont. N0P  1A0.

Nora Cooper had a wonderfully successful knee surgery!

We received a lovely thank you note from the Family of Sandy Ellott!

That’s all , folks!

Please remember to send me info to share on Saturday mornings!

Without YOU there is no Sunshine!!

Blessings,   Gloria


August 3, 2018

We regret to announce the passing Wednesday, of friend and neighbor Violet Glazier of Lakeview Drive. We send the family our sincere sympathy,

Address for the family is:  PO Box 489, Blenheim, ON, N0P   1A0.

July 28

Host- Bob Olmstead 

Emcee- Joan Aguiar

Prayer-Roy Glosser

Strolling Mic- Carol Carpentier

Web Liaison- Kirk Mason

Reporter- Gloria Musin ( 

Janet Jacobs was in the hospital due to complications following a colonoscopy. She is home and recovering nicely. 

Our dear Sandy Elliott passed away  7/22. Our sincere sympathy goes to the family. Zane, Zane II, Karen, Angela and Mike . Service was held in New Albany, Indiana on 7/28. We had a moment of silence in her memory. She will be missed! 

Maudie Ritt is having back injections. 

Nancy and Paul Kuz grandson Jaxx passed away at birth. He was a 5 1/2 month baby. We send condolences to the family. 

Larry Kaufman was in the hospital due to an infection of poison ivy which got into his blood stream! 

Please remember these dear ones as YOU ARE the SUNSHINE of Leisure Lake!  

Send me news so I can share it! Blessings all, Gloria


July 21,2018    at CH II due to work being done at CH I

Hosts- The Olmsteads

Emcee- Joan Aguiar

Strolling Mic- Carol Carpentier

Web Liaison- Kirk Mason

Reporter- Gloria Musin

Nora Cooper had knee surgery and has been staying with Jean and Joe Woods at RR#3 123 Stinson Bay Rd, Fenelon, ONT, K0M 1N0.

Sally and Lewis Workman have been ill, but thankfully are much better. 

Marlene Ecker had melanoma surgery on Tuesday. Kim will have cataract surgery this week. 

Ken Bryant is doing well. 

No visitors for Sandy Elliott , please. Just pray for them all. 

Walt Western will have 7 stents in his leg cleared on Monday. 

Address correction for Wayne Fairman whose sister passed.

36 Van Alstine Dr, Trenton, ONT, K8V 6K8. Sorry! 

Our dear friend and neighbor Sandy Elliott, wife of Zane Sr, passed away last night. (Sunday) She will be missed. Our sympathy goes to

Zane, Zane Jr and Karen, and Angela and Mike.

Thank you and blessings,

Gloria     Please call me with news! 


Hosts- Jane Conn and Bob Olmstead

Emcee-Jane Conn

Prayer- Dottie Miller

Strolling Mic- Carol Carpentier

Web Liaison- Kirk Mason

Reporter- Gloria Musin 

Kathleen Drew called to tell us that her husband Gilbert passed away. We had a moment of silence in his memory. Her address is 4674 Wakefield Ave NE, Comstock Park, MI, 49321. Our sympathy goes to Kathleen and the family. 

Wayne Fairman called to say that his sister Freda passed away on 6/29. His address is 24 College Park Dr., Wellend, ON. L3C 6Z6. 

Ruby Wills has moved to be with her daughter. She will be missed! 

Sandy Elliott is home with Hospice care. Visits of 5 minutes are welcome. 

Thank you for ALL you do . That makes Leisure Lake wonderful! 

Blessings, Gloria.


Host- bob Olmstead

Emcee- Jane Conn

Prayer- Dottie Miller

Strolling Mic- Carol Carpentier

Web Liaison-  Kirk Mason

Reporter- Gloria Musin 

Roger Quinn who with his wife Joni rented for the last two years on Shady Lane

passed away suddenly on  6/12. Our sincere condolences to Joni and the family

Her address is 4047 Woodcrest Drive, Columbus IN,  47203. We had a moment of silence in his memory. 

Sandy Elliott fell last week and hit her head. She was taken to Blake Hospital where she stayed for 3 days and is now at Freedom Village rehab Center. How we miss her sweet face! 

We received a card of tanks from Peggy Stull for the cards sent to her in the passing of her husband Charlie. 

Betty Spies called this morning (Sunday) to tell us of the passing of her 100 year old Mom. Our sympathy, Betty. Her address is:    PO Box 654     Redwood, NY, 13679-4148. 

Let me know the news! I can’t tell you if you don’t tell me!




Shine Report June 9, 2018

Host – Bob Olmstead

Emcee – Joan Aguiar

Prayer – Dottie Miller

Strolling Mic- Carol Carpentier

Web Liaison – Kirk Mason

Reporter – Gloria Musin 941-729-7828

It is with regret that we announce the sudden passing of a good friend and neighbor, David Batton. We had a moment of silence in his memory. Our sincere sympathy goes out to Shirley and the family. We are so glad that he and Shirley were our King and Queen last year.

Charlie McConnell is doing OK.

Dora Ainsworth and Walt Western are both doing very well. Walt is now at Riviera Palms, Room 129. Walt’s daughter Linda, told us they appreciate all the prayers and cards and visits!

Sandy Elliott is holding her own. Visits are welcome but not over 5 minutes, please.

Bill Newby is home resting and being treated for a blood clot in his leg.

Ray Glosser is having a angiogram on Wednesday.

Ed Adler is doing well.

Please remember these dear ones with cards. Prayers and deeds of kindness which makes you THE SUNSHINE OF LEISURE LAKE!

Let me know so I can share, please.



June 2, 2018

Hosts- Bob Olmstead and Jane Conn

Emcee- jane Conn-

Prayer-Dottie Miller

Strolling Mic-Carol Carpentier

Web Liaison-Kirk Mason

Reporter-Gloria Musin  729-7828

  1. Walt Western was at coffee with his daughter Linda. He will have hip surgery Monday (4th).
  2. Dora Ainsworth is doing better after her fall. 
  3. Harriet Feenstra called and is doing well at her daughter’s home. She sends thanks for all you have done, cards, prayers, etc. 
  4. We had a moment of silence in memory of Charles Stull who passed away
  5. May 30th. We send sincere condolences to wife Peggy and daughters Vicky and Lisa. Her address is on the board, Or e-mail me for it. 
  6. George Jacobovic has a new pacemaker and I asked if it came with a 50 year guarantee! He is feeling very well. 
  7. Bruce Griffin broke a bone falling off a ladder but will have heart work done before any back surgery. 
  8. If you need a “faith” lift, go see Charlie McConnell! 
  9. We sang “This Little Light of Mine” because WE are the Sunshine of Leisure Lake! 

Blessings,     Gloria

May 26, 2018

Hosts- Bob Olmstead and Jane Conn

Emcee- Jane Conn

Prayer-Dottie Miller

Strolling mic- Carol Carpentier

Web Liaison-Kirk Mason

Reporter-Gloria Musin 941-729-7828

Ed Adler came home from the hospital on Tuesday and is doing very well! 

Mary Bos got good news. No treatment and is doing very well. 

Bill Pfister had an MRI which was clear and he is doing very well. The Doctor says he is a miracle! 

Charlie McConnell is feeling better every day ! 

 Dora Ainsworth fell and skinned her knees and elbow and cracked a rib. But she is doing very well and is her sweet cheerful self! 

Thank you Jenny Szewc for your contributions to the card inventory of Sunshine! 

Norman Sparks fell and had 36 stitches put in his head. I’m sorry I don’t have a northern address for him. 

Marlene Ecker has cellulitis in her leg but it is responding to treatment.


Please remember these dear ones in your prayers. YOU are the SUNSHINE of Leisure Lake and thanks!



May 19,2018

Host-Bob Olmstead

Emcee-Jane Conn

Prayer-Dottie Miller

Strolling Mic-Carol Carpentier

Web Liaison-Kirk Mason

Reporter-Gloria Musin 941-729-7828

Mary Bos had her surgery which went well but is very tired.

Charlie McConnell is home and is doing much better, thank God! Their daughter has been here, too. That always helps.

Pat Killock is doing well and her daughter is helping!

Bless our good children who come to help when needed!

Sandy Elliott is continuing treatment and is doing a little better. She wants to thank you all for the prayers, cards and deeds of kindness shown them.

Dora Ainsworth and Chris Turley are recovering nicely from bronchitis.

Walt Western should be coming home Saturday.

Pat Wolverton was in the hospital but is now home again.

George Jackobovic received the Girvin Award to honor the member of the Knights of Columbus who best exemplifies service to our State’s veterans.

George’s untiring efforts to raise funds to assist Veterans and veteran’s causes and also to raise public awareness and through VA Volunteer Services

are remarkable. Congratulations and well done, Brother!

You are the Sunshine of Leisure Lake! Thank you who have provided transportation. equipment, cheerful visits. errands run and being general blessings. This is a great place to live. Please remember these folks in your prayers.


Call me with news. I’m getting my song ready!



May 12, 2018

Hosts- The Olmsteads

Emcee-Joan Aguiar

Prayer-Dottie Miller

Strolling Mic-Carol Carpentier

Web Liaison-Kirk Mason

Reporter-Gloria Musin 941-729-7828

Our sympathy goes to Elaine Karcher and Lois Johnson at the passing of their sister and former resident Gaitha McCall. Also, Lois has the shingles!

Our sympathy also goes to the family of former resident Georgette LeBeouf, 94 . Obit may be seen at Morrill Funeral Home, Southbridge, Ma.

Charlie McConnell will remain at Health South for another week until all issues are resolved. Prayers are appreciated for him and Bonnie.

Karen Lamb reports that she is doing alright.

Walt Western begins pre op work-ups in prep for his upcoming surgery but will come home for a week first, on the 25th.

Ed Adler’s surgery has been moved to the 21st.

Mary Bos had surgery on Monday the 14th. I await a report.

I have heard from Ann Kornoelje, a former resident. She keeps in touch through the Sunshine Report. She is doing well and sends greetings!

YOU are the SUNSHINE of Leisure Lake! Keep it up! I mean the prayers, cards, and deeds of kindness shown to one another. God bless you all!

Please call me with news. You sure don’t want me to sing!!


Thank you,




May 5

Hosts-Bob and Bea Olmsted   Emcee-Jane Conn
Prayer-Dottie Miller    Strolling Mic-Carol Carpentier
Web Liaison-Kathy Piehl       Reporter-Gloria Musin
We miss our musicians!
We had a moment of silence in memory of Bruce Lamb who passed away 4/28.
     Karen and family have our deepest sympathy.
Charlie McConnell is in Health South in Sarasota to recover from extensive back surgery. Please continue to pray for him and Bonnie!
David Montieth is home again after 3 days in the hospital. He gets therapy 5 days a week. Kathy thanks all for prayers and goodness  shown them.
Our dear Sandy Elliott says she is about the same and begins week 3 of  nine weeks  of chem. Continued prayer for them as well which would be appreciated.
Mary Bos will be having surgery on the 14th.
Ed Adler will be having surgery on the 10th.
Fran Vandermolen sent a message that her hip surgey went very well. She says
hello to all and thanks for the prayers!
Elaine Karcher called with the news that Gaitha McCall passed away 5/4   .Elaine, Gaitha and Lois Johnson are sisters. Our sincere sympathy to the family. A service will be held tomorrow in Remus ,Michigan. Elaine also says that Lois has the shingles! Poor Baby!
Good news! Our former resident Louie Agee was married to the lovely Paula on May first!  Our hearty congratulations to them both. Their address is:
1005 41st St, Nixa,  MO, 65714.
Thank you so much for all the news. YOU are the Sunshine of Leisure Lake,
with your prayers, cards and deeds of kindness. Please remember these dear ones. God bless you all!


April 30

Visitation for Bruce Lamb will be 3-5, Saturday the 5th of May, at Hickman’s Funeral Home, Howard City, Michigan.

April 29

Sat 4/28/2018, 9:12 PM
Our good friend and neighbor Bruce Lamb passed away in the hospital in Michigan today. Our deepest sympathy goes to Karen and the family.
Karen’s address is :
22580 Lake Drive
Pierson, MI
April 28, 2018
Hosts-Bonnie McConnell, Fran LeBeouf, the Lincolns
Emcee-Joan Aguiar  ,Strolling Mike-Carol Carpentier
Prayer-Ralph Eaton,  Web Liaison-Kathy Piehl
Reporter-Gloria Musin  729-7828
Pat Killock had toe surgery on Thursday. She is home and doing well. Her daughter is with her. Easy does it
Jean Hagerman, former resident, passed away Tuesday. She may have been 100! Our sympathy to the family.
Her daughter’s address is on the board.
Dennis Roberts is doing well. Glad to hear it.
Harriet Feenstra looked wonderful on Sunday and expects to be home soon, if not already! Yay!! Every community needs a Harriet!
Helen Newby was playing Bingo last week. At Westminster Towers. Hope she won!
Mary Bos has had medical tests and she is considering what treatment to use.
Good girl!
Sandy Elliott had the beginning of a small regime of chemo. She says she is hanging in there! What a gal…Still smiling!
Charlie McConnell’s surgery took longer than expected. BUT Bonnie said they would try to get him up and walking, maybe today! What a long painful haul this has been. Can’t keep a good man down.
Fran Vandermolen called to say that she will have hip replacement on Monday.
Please remember them! Her address is on the board.
Ruthe and Roger DeVries are doing well and send greetings to you all. They continue their good works in Michigan.
YOU are the Sunshine of Leisure Lake with your prayers, cards and acts of kindness! God bless you all.
Please pray for these dear ones as they go through the “valley”.
Let me know the news or I’ll have to sing again! Nooooooo!


April 211

Hosts- The Marshes, The Lincolns, Fran LeBeouf, Bonnie McConnell
Emcee-Jane Conn    Prayer-Bea Olmstead     Strolling Mike-Carol Carpentier
Web Liaison-Kathy Piehl     Reporter-Gloria Musin-Sheets

Our Harriet Feenstra is doing much better at Westminster Towers. Room 336-B

Sandy Elliott is still very ill. Please remember her in your prayers.

Walt Western is at Riviera Palms room 127B. He has much pain and will be bed bound for a while but doing better. Please remember him in your prayers also.

Charlie McConnell will have back surgery on Tuesday the 24th. Prayers for him would also be appreciated.

David Montieth came home last week. He’s doing better and has out patient therapy 3 times a week. Kathy says thanks to all for your thoughts, prayers and help!

Pat Wolverton came home on Thursday and is doing very well.

Ed Adler is still under the weather. Janet has a few more weeks of wearing her sling.

Bea Olmstead’s thumb is healing nicely!

YOU are the sunshine of Leisure Lake with all you do for one another ! Keep it up . You are Good at it! And with the smaller group of us “Summer Folk” we
have a bigger job to do! So call me with news, please…. and thank you!

Gloria 941-729-7828


April 14

Hosts-The Marshes, The Lincolns and Fran LeBoeuf
Emcee-Jane Conn       Prayer-Dottie Miller
Music-Terry Gerardot and Tony Willemsen    Strolling Mike-Carol Carpentier
Web Liaison- Kathy Piehl   Reporter-Gloria Musin-Sheets
Harriet Feenstra is in Westminster Towers and at last report , doing well.
RIP the Muscovey Duck!
Merlene Hancock is doing very well after her  knee surgery. But Dave Montieth is still in the hospital with his as swelling is a problem but should be home before long. The cards and prayers are so appreciated!
We heard yesterday that John Zulpa (wife Carol) passed away in January. We had a moment of silence in memory of him. Carol has our sincere sympathy.
Zane Elliott tells us that his Dear Sandy is very ill, undergoing tests and will soon hear options for treatment. Please pray for this dear one.
Walt Western had his first hip surgery and is doing well. He will go to Rieviera Palms for rehab and healing in preparation for another surgery later.
Pat Allott fell and injured her arm.
Suzanne Morrison fell and hurt her leg but is nearly off her cane now!
I announced last week a passing of a former resident. Let me correct,please.
It was Len Zetler, (wife Edna) of Canada. Sorry for the confusion….
Pat Wolverton is in Westminster and should be home in a day or two. He had a severe infection but is doing well now.
YOU are the Sunshine of Leisure Lake with your cards, calls and deeds of kindness. Thank you so much…
Thank you to the Card-Makers who provide the Sunshine box with lovely cards!
They are lovely and much appreciated!
Please let me know the news so I can share it with the community. How can we know to pray for you if you don’t tell us?
Gloria 729-7828


April 7, 2018

Hosts- The Marshes, The Lincolns, and Fran LeBoeuf
Music by Terry Gerardot, Janice App, Tony Willemsen and Julia Gullett
Emcee-Jane Conn   Prayer-Gloria Musin   Strolling Mike-Carol Carpentier
Web Liaison-Kathy Piehl        Reporter-Gloria Musin-Sheets
Easter Sunday Janet Adler fell and injured her left arm and will wear a sling for 6 weeks to enable it to heal. Ed was also in the hospital but is home doing well.
Poor Babies!
Wednesday the 11th Walt Western will have hip surgery then go to Riviera Palms for rehab. Prayers are welcome.
Wednesday David Montieth and Merlene Hancock had knee surgery. Get well soon!
Patrick Wolverton was taken to the hospital Wednesday morning. He has a severe infection. Sandy’s daughter is here with her. We hope that he will be home soon.
Also on Wednesday morning Rick Surtani had a heart attack.   His children  were staying with him which may have saved him! He was taken to the hospital, received 2 stents and came home on Friday afternoon. He will be leaving to go north on Monday. Traveling mercies.
Harriet Feenstra is now at Westminster Towers for rehab after her surgery. Can’t keep a good girl down!
Our Friend and Neighbor Lee Bassett has sold his place and will be going north.
He will be missed.
Mary Bender surprised us all with her sweet self at coffee today. It was good to see her.
Bea Olmstead’s thumb is healing nicely after surgery. Yay!
Thank you for your cards, prayers, calls, visits and deeds of kindness shown to our neighbors! YOU are the Sunshine of Leisure Lake!
Please let me know any news so I can share it with the community.
(And I won’t have to sing!)
Gloria 729-7828